Budapest baths

Szechenyi Bath


Szechenyi Bath is the largest bath complex of Budapest, and noted among the largest ones in Europe. The drilling of the artesian well that brings the healing thermal water up from a depth of 1246 meters was started in 1868. The neo baroque building of the bath was opened in 1913 and it instantly became very popular due to its spacious halls, elegant interior, and the smooth healing water. Today Szechenyi Bath has altogether 21 indoors and outdoors pools serving its over a million visitors annually. The leisure pool gives a pampering experience with underwater stream and bubbles, neck showers back massage beams hidden in the seats. In addition to the usual services, tickets include several wellness opportunities, like a work out gym, saunas, aerobics and aqua-gymnastics.

szechenyi bath by day before sparty bath party

Szechenyi Bath by day before Sparty bath party.

The luxurious Szechenyi Bath houses Sparties from spring till the autumn, while over the winter our bath parties are hosted by Lukacs Bath. Attracting 50-55 thousand visitors annually, Sparty event series, which has been running since 1994, has become one of the most frequented events in the Hungarian capital. Sparties are held almost every weekend of the year, in either Lukacs or Szechenyi Bath, however, there are only two occasions each year to take part in the extraordinary audio-visual world of Cinetrip events. Even Refinery 29 has included our epic Sparty events as a top highlight into their one minute city introduction.


Reasons to go for Szechenyi Bath:


  • 21 pools
  • most popular bath in Budapest
  • leisure pool
  • wellness services included in the price
  • awesome architecture


Current Sparty events and prices

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Lukacs Bath


The story of Lukacs Bath dates back to the 12th century, when healing knight orders settled in the area, and built a bath near their monasteries. The bath gained real popularity at the end of the 19th century, when the building was extended by a spa hotel and a swimming pool. Apart from the swimming pool, there are thermal pools, a leisure pool, steam rooms and saunas available for visitors. The leisure pool has an underwater stream and bubbles, neck shower, back massage beams built in the seat, whirlpool, springs and jacuzzi beds. The imposing Lukacs Bath hosts Sparties over the winter months. Although its size is not as enormous as that of Szechenyi Bath, the audio-visual world of the event is as unique and fascinating as in our summer location.

lukacs bath by night at sparty bath party

Lukacs Bath by night during Sparty bath party.

Reasons to go for Lukacs Bath:


  • intimate atmosphere
  • a bath with several centuries behind it
  • leisure pool
  • Himalayan salt chamber


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Gellert Bath


The springs that fill the pools of Gellert Bath today were known and believed to be miraculous already in the 15th century. The well was very popular during the Ottoman rule, because it was more bountiful than the rest of the Buda springs. The bath house was built in Art Nouveau style and was opened in 1918. During the WW2 it was hit by a bomb, which destroyed some invaluable parts, among them the façade embellished by Zsolnay tiles. Since its refurbishment in 2008, the “Palace of Baths” as it is referred to, is open and available for visitors in its original grandeur. Although originally men and women could visit the bath and the pools separately, since 2013 all pools are open for both sexes. The hallmark of the bath is its wave and jacuzzi pool.

magnificent pools of gellert bath in budapest

Pools of Gellert bath are truly magnificent.

Reasons to go for Gellert Bath:


  • 10 pools
  • jacuzzi
  • wave pool
  • fascinating Art Nouveau building


Opening hours, prices and further info: Gellert baths



Rudas Bath



Rudas bath is the most popular Turkish Bath on the Buda-side of the Danube, which was built by Sokollu Mustafa Pasha in the middle of the 16th century, although its thermal spring had been known and frequented for centuries. As opposed to present day Turkish baths in Turkey, where steam cabins are awaiting visitors, the Turkish baths of Budapest that were built in the Middle Ages – like Rudas and Kiraly – boast pools fed by natural hot springs. The delicate architecture of the central octagonal pool and the dome above it gives Rudas a unique atmosphere. The foundation and the structural characteristics of the original Turkish bath are still visible in the building and the pools, which makes a visit to Rudas Bath a real time travel. The bath still has its hamam (Turkish sauna) and ilija (thermal spring), which, during the day can be attended not in normal swim suits but the gear we get at the entrance. During the week, its either male or female day exclusively, while at the weekend it is open for both sexes.


octagonal bath of rudas bath in budapest

Central octagonal pool of Rudas Bath.


Reasons to go for Rudas:


  • authentic Turkish Bath from the Middle Ages
  • awesome architecture
  • late opening hours
  • 12 pools
  • during the week its either male- or female-only


Opening hours, prices and further info: Rudas baths



Kiraly Bath



Arslan, the Pasha of Buda started to build Kiraly Bath in the 16th century, and it was finished by his descendant, Sokollu Mustafa. It has no direct source of thermal water, its pools are filled by the hot springs of Lukacs Bath. The reason for building it some distance away from the thermal water sources of Buda was that the Turks wanted a bath that was apart from the other baths, so that if the other baths got damaged during a possible siege, then they would still have a bath inside the walls that they could use. After retaking Buda, the bath was owned by the König family, hence its name (König in German means Kiraly in Hungarian, which means King in English). Since it hasn’t been refurbished since the 50’s, the building is a unique mixture of Turkish style from the Middle Ages and the recent communist era. The glass covered holes in the dome above the central octagonal pool produce a wonderful light play. The rays of light seeping through the dome and spreading above the pool provide an extraordinary atmosphere to Kiraly.


central octagonal pool of kiraly bath in budapest

Central octagonal pool of Kiraly Bath in Budapest.


Reasons to go for Kiraly Bath:


  • authentic Turkish Bath from the Middle Ages
  • unique architecture
  • jacuzzi
  • tub


Opening hours, prices and further info: Kiraly baths