Between Buda and Pest, surrounded by the blue Danube, the wonderful Margaret Island is a must-see destination for all tourists visiting Budapest. At first glance, we fall in love with the special blend of huge primeval trees, shady walkways, spacious meadows, baths and fun attractions, though far more than what we can see with our eyes. Margaret Island is fascinating both historically and culturally, it almost encapsulates important periods of Hungarian history, it traces the footsteps of the most famous Hungarian poets and writers, and we did not even talk about the valuable medicinal water emerging from the depths of the ground.

Throughout the history, it had countless names: Lord’s Island, Rabbit Island, St. Andrew’s Island, Our Lady’s Island, Girl’s Island, Kwazady (in Turkish), Buda Island, Palatinus Island. Ultimately it was named after Princess Margaret in the 13th century, who occupies a special place in the Hungarian history with her life and wonders.

Until 1901, the island was accessible only by boat. Nowadays the easiest way to get to the island is on foot or by public transport (by bus no. 27 or by tram no. 4 or 6).