The recently renewed Palace of Wonders awaits its visitors on 5,000 m2, with over 250 games. In the CSOPA, as the Hungarians call the place, all ages – from children to adults – can find hours of fun on two levels.

The science entertainment center has 8 thematic units. The Öveges hall – named after a famous Hungarian science professor – features a spectacular lecture, while in the Richter Gedeon Lab you may be turned into a real scientist. Logic and creativity are needed to unravel the mysteries of the Escape rooms. You find here 5D, 9D and Panorama cinemas which will test your senses. In the CSOPA you will also find many unique entertainment options. There are 27 interactive tables for screen enthusiasts, special soccer tables and billiard football fields for sports enthusiasts, and refreshing drinks served in special flasks for those seeking refreshment.

This is a real family program where even the smallest ones will find games especially designed for children up to 6 years old. This is how the Palace of Wonders becomes a fun experience for the whole family.