Visit the interior of the largest and most important Catholic church that is dedicated to St Stephen, the first Hungarian Christian king. Inside the impressive building lies the Holy Right (Szent Jobb), the mummified right hand of St Stephen. This Neo-Classical structure was designed by József Hild and was built over the course of half a century from 1851.

The “heavenly” signal was sent along with the flood of 1838 to build the Basilica, as hundreds of people could escape the water on a natural hill in the center of St. Stephen’s Square. Of course, these people saw this as a divine sign, and they themselves made significant contributions to the building of the temple.

Interesting fact is that its height is exactly the same as of the Parliament (896 meter). It’s not by accident, but it was a symbol that neither the religious nor the political power was more important than the other. Also the figure 896 has a great importance in the Hungarians’ life as this was the year of our land-taking.

If you like classical music go on the website of the Basilica and check the next date for the free organ concerts organized by the church.