Choosing tickets for SPArties

2016-04-21 /

Which ticket should I choose? We get many questions concerning the types of tickets, which is best if you come in a group, etc. So here is a brief explanation and things you should consider when buying Sparty tickets.

Our first recommendation is the xpress ticket whether for a single person or a couple and even trios, because that guarantees instant access, so you do not have to stand in the normal queue. If there is several of you, your choice should be trio-xpress tickets becase that allows you to save 5 Euros for cocktails 🙂

If one person bought the tickets for many of his/her friends, you need not worry, you do not have to wait to enter till everyone arrives. The important thing is that if somebody wants to go with the same batch of tickets, they need to have the ticket on them.

Bonus tip: if you are unable to print your ticket at your place of accommodation, bring it on your phone. Though another thing worth of noting is that we do not encourage you to bring valuable belongings with you – even if insurance is included in all tickets. More on that in a later post. 🙂

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