INTERSPUTNIK Kft. (INTERSPUTNIK Vendéglátó és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, company reg. no.:01-09-899370, Tax-ID: 14335941-2-42, Seat: 1148 Budapest, Lengyel Utca 33.fsz 1., Hungary, hereinafter: INTERSPUTNIK) as an organizer of the SPArty Events shall respect and preserves the personal data of the declarant (hereinafter: the data subject). According to the Hungarian data protection act as amended (Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self‑Determination and on Freedom of Information, hereinafter: Infotv.) and other laws and regulation, INTERSPUTNIK shall process confidentially the data provided by the data subject, shall only transfer them with the consent of the data subject, shall not disclose and shall only use the in relation of its own activity to the necessary extent and time but no later than ten years.


Data processing under consent

We inform you that during the operation of the Database, the processing of your data is based on your consent according to Art. 5 (1) a of Infotv. By the registration, you give your consent to the processing of the data that you provide according to the present guide.


Legal ground of data processing

The legal ground of data processing is your consent according to Art. 5 (1) a of Infotv. and Art. 2:48. (1) of the Civil Code.


The purpose of data processing

The purpose of data processing is data processing for the marketing purposes relating to the promotion of the products supplied and events organized by INTERSPUTNIK and the execution of the contracts concluded between the Consumer and INTERSPUTNIK.


The data processed

The data processed by INTERSPUTNIK include all data provided by you which are necessary to realise the purpose of the data processing. We call your attention to the fact, that the data processing does not cover the special data under Art. 4. 4. of Infotv., therefore we ask you to not provide such data when registering.


Persons entitled to control the data and to carry out data processing

We inform you that INTERSPUTNIK is entitled to carry out data processing in relation to the Database (hereinafter together: Persons Entitled).


Duration of the data processing

We inform you that the Entitled Persons are entitled to process your data until the purpose of data processing exists or you request the erasure of your personal data according to Art. 14 c) of Infotv. We inform you that the personal data will be erased at the end of the tenth year following the deletion or inactivation of your customer account even if the purpose of data processing still exists, unless otherwise provided by a law or regulation.


Who are allowed access the data?

Only the contributors of the controllers approved by you (Entitled Persons) may have access whose duties include the contribution to the realisation of the purpose of the data processing.


Rights of the data subjects related to the data processing

We inform you that according to Art. 14 of the Infotv. you may any time request from the data controller information of your personal data being processed, the rectification of your personal data and the erasure or locking of your personal data save where the processing is rendered mandatory. Upon your request the data controller shall provide information concerning the data relating to you, the sources from where they were obtained, the purpose, grounds and duration of processing, and – if the personal data are made available to others -the legal basis and the recipients. The data controller must comply with your request for information without any delay and provide the information requested in an intelligible form, in writing at your request, within not more than thirty days. The information shall be provided free of charge unless you submitted a request of information for the same category of data. The data controller may only refuse to provide information to the data subject in case of a restriction of data processing according to Art. 9. (1) or in cases defined in Art 19 of Infotv.

Where a personal data is deemed inaccurate, and the correct personal data is at the controller’s disposal, the data controller shall rectify the personal data in question. Personal data shall be blocked instead of erased if so requested by you, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that erasure could affect your legitimate interests. Blocked data shall be processed only for the purpose which prevented their erasure. When a data is rectified, blocked, marked or erased, the data subject and all recipients to whom it was transmitted for processing shall be notified. If the data controller refuses to comply with the your request for rectification, blocking or erasure, the factual or legal reasons on which the decision for refusing the request for rectification, blocking or erasure is based shall be communicated in writing within thirty days of receipt of the request. Where rectification, blocking or erasure is refused, the data controller shall inform the data subject of the possibilities for seeking judicial remedy or lodging a complaint with the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (hereinafter: Authority). We inform you that you may object to the processing of your personal data in the cases specified in Article 21 of Infotv. In the event of objection, the controller shall investigate the cause of objection within the shortest possible time inside a fifteen-day time period, adopt a decision as to merits and shall notify you in writing of its decision.


Legal remedies

We inform you that in the event of any infringement of your rights, you, and in case of refusal of his/her objection, the data recipient may turn to court action against the controller. The court shall hear such cases in priority proceedings, the Tribunal is competent to resolve the dispute. According to your choice the action may be started in the Tribunal of your domicile or residence.

We inform you that any person shall have the right to notify the Authority and request an investigation alleging an infringement relating to his or her personal data or concerning the exercise of the rights of access to public information or information of public interest, or if there is imminent danger of such infringement.


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