General terms and conditions of INTERSPUTNIK Kft.


Full company name: INTERSPUTNIK Kft.

Registered office: 1054 Budapest, Széchenyi rakpart 7. 2.em. 23.

Registration authority: Company Registry Court of Budapest

Company registration number: Cg.01-09-377715

Tax ID: 14335941-2-41

EU-VAT ID: HU14335941

INTERSPUTNIK (hereinafter: INTERSPUTNIK or enterprise)


  1. INTERSPUTNIK: the company defined in section I.
  2. Event/Events: any event organised and staged by INTERSPUTNIK – especially the ones under the brands SPARTY and Cinetrip -, that constitute the totality of performing arts – music, entertainment and cultural – and other Services provided free of charge or for payment by INTERSPUTNIK over a given period of time and territory.
  3. Duration of the Event: the duration of any given Event shall correspond to the time period between the commencement and the closing of the Event, where Commencement of an Event shall correspond to the beginning of the validity of the Ticket that authorizes the earliest entry out of all Tickets on sale by INTERSPUTNIK for the given Event at the start of ticket sales, while Closing of an Event shall correspond to the end of validity of the Ticket that authorizes the latest stay out of all Tickets that can be purchased from INTERSPUTNIK for this Event at the start of ticket sales.
  4. Consumer: the Ticket Purchaser and Visitor described in Section 8:1 paragraph (1) article 3 of the Hungarian Civil Code.
  5. Ticket purchaser: the person purchasing the ticket from INTERSPUTNIK.
  6. Visitor: a natural person entitled to enter and participate in a specific Event.
  7. Ticket: a certificate issued in any (printed or electronic) format, verifying a claim to enter the Event organised by INTERSPUTNIK, with a unique identifier, for demonstration at the entry, (a proxy watch, i.e., an access control wristband)
  8. Voucher: a certificate with a unique identifier issued in any (printed or electronic) format, for demonstration, verifying a claim for the Ticket.
  9. Code of Conduct: documents pertaining to the respective Events, containing a short summary of the provisions of the present General  Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) on the one hand, on the other hand special mandatory provisions for each Event set forth with respect to the circumstances of the given Event, including rules of entry and conduct; which do not constitute an appendix to the GTC and are available on the website of INTERSPUTNIK and the subpages thereof, as well as on the spot at the Events.
  10. Payment policy: a document not constituting part of the GTC, governing the rights and obligations, issued on a case by case decision by INTERSPUTNIK, with respect to the use of cash-free payment methods for certain Events.
  11. Credit card payment partner: OTP Bank Nyrt. – an independent enterprise
  12. Flexi Booking: additional service linked to the Ticket(s) available at the webshop interface or spartybooking.com

General provisions

  1. All arrangements included in the present General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall refer to all agreements made between Consumers and INTERSPUTNIK. They may be changed exclusively on the basis of individual written arrangements, signed by authorized representatives of INTERSPUTNIK and Consumer. The General Terms and Conditions of INTERSPUTNIK are published on the website of INTERSPUTNIK https://spartybooking.com, under the tab “Terms”.
  2. The term “Consumer” used in INTERSPUTNIK GTC is defined in Section 8:1. § (1) article 3 of the Hungarian Civil Code. Only a natural person of adult age can be a Party in the agreements made with INTERSPUTNIK.

Parties are obliged to cooperate in the due performance of the contract. In order to carry out the contract, Parties shall act in a manner that can generally be expected in the particular situation and shall assist the performance of the other Party in a similar manner.

Parties shall inform each other regarding all essential circumstances with relation to the contract.

  1. Only the original Hungarian version of the General Terms and Conditions is legally binding. All other translations are only for information purposes.



  1. Price being in force at the moment of sales is the price published by INTERSPUTNIK on its web page spartybooking.com at the moment of placing an order, any other price – published earlier or given by a different source – may only be considered informative. For each service offered, the gross price is indicated. The price that the Ticket Purchaser has to pay is the current purchase price of the service, which contains the applicable VAT (currently 27 per cent), and is indicated clearly under “summary of the order”, shown before an order is placed.
  2. The prices shown on the web page spartybooking.com are in EUROS. In case of payment in other currencies, the exchange rates of the Credit card payment partner shall apply.

Ordering Procedures

  1. INTERSPUTNIK accepts orders made through the online sales system spartybooking.com (and through the contracted resellers).
  2. Tickets can only be ordered in quantities of the multiples given alongside their type (e.g. in case of ordering DUO or Group tickets, or if the quantity is not given,  it is, by reason, 1) and can not be lower than the minimal quantity indicated in the price list.
  3. Please bare in mind that information about tickets and other services and prices found on INTERSPUTNIK’s website are only for information purposes. Any order placed by Consumer on the basis of this information shall constitute an offer in accordance with the terms of the Civil Code, and must be accepted by INTERSPUTNIK in order to conclude the respective agreement. As a general rule, INTERSPUTNIK shall accept your offer – under normal circumstances – within 2 calendar days approximately, nevertheless, your offer shall be binding according to Section 6:65. §(1) of the Civil Code for a period of 5 days after submission. After receiving the order, the confirmation of the receipt of the order is sent to Consumer without delay, and the acceptance of the order, along with the Voucher is sent following successful payment. and the Voucher shall be issued after the successful payment. The contract between Consumer and INTERSPUTNIK shall be concluded with the acceptance of the offer by INTERSPUTNIK. INTERSPUTNIK shall send an email confirming the acceptance of the offer no later than 5 days after receipt and in the same email INTERSPUTNIK shall inform Consumer about the accessibility of the Voucher for download.
  4. Placing an order, by itself, is not binding for INTERSPUTNIK Kft. and a lack of response does not mean a silent acceptance of the order.
  5. Steps of Ordering:

Ticket Purchasers can place their order at the webshop interface of spartybooking.com. Orders may be placed both with or without registration.

To place an order, the event (Event) must be selected first, then as the next step the type of ticket is to be chosen. Afterwards, the desired quantity of tickets to put in the basket must be selected. Then the contents of the basket is to be checked. If the contents of the basket conform to the Consumer’s wish, then the next step is to fill out personal and billing details.

Consumers then will be forwarded to the English language webpage of the Credit card payment partner, where payment is only available by credit card. After successful payment , the thank you page will pop up, where the Voucher(s) is/are available for download, which will also be sent by email as a separate PDF attachment with the confirmation of the order.

The invoice will be issued in the Consumer’s own name, or a given company name, in case Company name and EU VAT field were filled. The E-invoice will be sent by email.

The Voucher(s) must be printed and brought along to the Event, where it/they shall be converted – after scanning the barcode – to Ticket(s).

In case of Group tickets, 11 individual Vouchers shall be issued and made accessible to Ticket purchaser. It is the sole responsibility of the Ticket Purchaser to forward them to Visitors.

  1. Method of Checking and Correcting Data Entry Errors

The details of the order can be corrected throughout the entire procedure, before placing the order, by editing/correcting the affected fields.

  1. Method of Payment

The countervalue of the services rendered by Intersputnik can exclusively be made by credit card by using the system of the Credit card payment partner. INTERSPUTNIK neither accesses, collects nor stores any data in connection with payments.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangable.

Flexi Booking

For ordering the Flexi Booking service the rules of the Ordering Procedure, Steps of Ordering shall apply, respectively. Flexi Booking may be added to any tickets in your basked purchased at the webshop interface of spartybooking.com. after choosing the Event and the type of tickets against a fee shown found on INTERSPUTNIK’s website.

In case of adding the Flexi Booking service to tickets, the Vouchers sent to the Consumer (and available for download) are accompanied by Flexi Booking coupon-code(s).

In case of adding Flexi Booking service to tickets the tickets purchased to a determined Event may be once, at least 8 (eight) calendar days before the Event rebooked to another Event chosen by the Consumer.

Whilst rebooking the Flexi Booking coupon codes can be endorsed after putting the desired ticket(s) for the desired Event(s) into the basked at the webshop interface of spartybooking.com at the billing details window.

Flexi Booking coupon codes may be used up to the value (price) of the original tickets, should the purchase price of the rebooked tickets  exceed the price of the original ones, the surplus shall be paid by the Consumer whilst the rebooking process.

Flexi Booking coupon codes are non-refundable and non exchangeable, no difference between the price of the original and the rebooked tickets shall result to refunds by INTERSPUTNIK.

Attendance at the Events

  1. Visitors are required to behave in accordance with the relevant general code of conduct of INTERSPUTNIK Events (spartybooking.com/rules) and with the optional unique regulations of individual Events.
  2. Payment at the Events shall solely be made by means of the SPARTYPAY system in accordance with to the regulations of the relevant Payment policy (spartybooking.com/sparty-pay/): in the premises of the bath, instead of cash or bank card, visitors may cover the bills of their consumption exclusively by the so called SpartyPay electronic pre-paid card (hereinafter: Card) Visitors may collect the Cards at SpartyPay Points on the premises of the bath, for a deposit of 3000 HUF. The balance of the card may be withdrawn in the venue, during the hours of the event, at the specified spots.
  3. Any violation of the Code of Conduct or the Payment policy may result in the unilateral suspension of the attendance at the Event, for which the Visitor is not entitled to receive compensation or refund.
  4. INTERSPUTNIK takes out an isurance policy for all Visitors with respect to the Event, which is included in the Ticket purchase price. The conditions of the insurance policy are available at the webpage spartybooking.com/insurance.

Warranties and liability

  1. INTERSPUTNIK warrants that Visitors can enter the given Event with the Ticket provided in exchange for the relevant, lawfully-acquired Voucher, but INTERSPUTNIK does not undertake any warranty with regard to the duration of the entry process (that is, the exchange of the Voucher for a Ticket and entering the Event with the Ticket), concerning the large number of Visitors. As is generally known, the Event has diverse premises (pools), thus, in view of the large number of visitors, the above warranty does not extend to all the premises (pools), for example to whether it is possible to fit a given part of the premises (pools), how long it takes to enter and the quality of enjoyment, and INTERSPUTNIK explicitly rules out the possibility of refunding to the Visitor the price of his/her Ticket, or to give a subsequent discount, or to pay to damages, indemnification or compensation of whatever kind for the above reasons. Within the Events, INTERSPUTNIK is entitled to change the timing (e.g. performers, lineup, DJs) and/or location of individual events unilaterally, that is, INTERSPUTNIK expressly reserves the right to change the programme), with the exception that the dates and times of events will not necessarily be changed in the event of bad weather conditions.
  2. INTERSPUTNIK reserves the right to modify, restructure and further develop the Events, and the services and products provided at the Events, according to its discretion, as required. Visitors are not entitled to make any claims against INTERSPUTNIK with regards to such modifications, restructuring or further developments.
  3. In the event of lawful cancellation by INTERSPUTNIK, visitors are not entitled to make any claims or demands against INTERSPUTNIK.
  4. Consumers expressly acknowledge that products and services may also be purchased in connection with the Events that are provided by other Contracted partners and not by INTERSPUTNIK or its associates. In such cases, the contract is concluded directly between the Consumer and the Contracted partner, and the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship apply solely to Consumer and Contracted partner. Consumers expressly acknowledge that they may not make any claims against INTERSPUTNIK regarding such products and services or in connection with the contract for such products and services. INTERSPUTNIK also states generally that it does not bear any liability in connection with products and services provided by Contracted partners. Visitors may use services and products provided by Contracted partners solely at their own risk. INTERSPUTNIK does not assume any liability for damages arising from or suffered in connection with purchasing or using services and products provided by Contracted partners.
  5. Visitors may enter the Event only at their own risk. INTERSPUTNIK shall be liable solely for intentional breaches of contract imputable to it and breaches of contract damaging human life, physical well-being or health, if such damages are caused by INTERSPUTNIK, and excludes any liability beyond the explicit statutory rights of the Consumer with regards to any other damage event, including those damaging human life, physical well-being or health or damaging property. The price of the Ticket has been determined bearing in mind the exclusions of liability set out above. INTERSPUTNIK bears no liability with regards to items placed in the designated parking areas, in particular motor vehicles parked there and items left in such vehicles.
  6. After the Ticket purchaser has been given the Voucher, or the Visitor has been given the Ticket, INTERSPUTNIK may not be held liable for damage to or destruction of the Voucher or Ticket. Visitors are not entitled to make any claims against INTERSPUTNIK on the grounds of procedures used with regard to damaged or lost Tickets.
  7. Consumer states that the data provided as being correct at the time of purchase and on any occasion necessary for the use of services reflect the truth. INTERSPUTNIK does not bear liability for damages resulting from providing incorrect or non-functioning data, email addresses or delivery addresses, although may demand compensation for damages arising in this respect.
  8. Consumer acknowledges that INTERSPUTNIK does not bear liability for any damage or abuse arising during or as a consequence of any payment method, including the case when the Consumer has not reported the loss of a bank card to the issuing bank. INTERSPUTNIK does not bear liability in particular for errors, failings or security issues of the payment method used. In the case of bank transfers, INTERSPUTNIK is not liable for the time taken for the transfer to be processed (with particular regard to bank holidays), or for damages arising from incorrect provision of the payee identifier or the transfer amount.
  9. Visitors are fully liable under both civil and criminal law for any damage caused by them in the framework of the Event or in connection with the Event to INTERSPUTNIK, its Associates and Contracted partners, other Visitors and third persons.
  10. INTERSPUTNIK is not liable for any damage caused by the unlawful activities or omissions of any Visitor or third person to any Visitor, to INTERSPUTNIK or third person.
  11. INTERSPUTNIK is not liable for any damage events that may occur outside the Event or on the way there and back, since INTERSPUTNIK may solely be held liable for damage events occurring on the premises of the Events, providing the conditions for its liability set out in these General Terms and Conditions are met.
  12. Since deconstruction works shall commence, without delay, at the closing time of the Event, Visitors may only stay on the premises of the Event after this time at his/her own responsibility.
  13. INTERSPUTNIK is not able to provide a place for Visitors to leave pets, equipment, drinks, food and tobacco products that may not be taken onto the premises of the Events, unless such a possibility is provided at a given Event, according to its Code of Conduct. However, INTERSPUTNIK shall not be liable for such items even in the latter case.
  14. Pursuant to the present GTC and Section 6:22 Paragraph (3) of the Hungarian Civil Code, claims arising from the legal relationship between INTERSPUTNIK and the Consumer may only be enforced within a limited period of six-months.

Complaint Procedure, Right of Rescission

  1. Recording and investigating a case of Consumer Complaint is conducted in accordance with the binding law, including the provisions in force of the Civil Code and the Act on Consumer Protection.
  2. Right of Rescission

Intersputnik informs Consumers that according to Point l) of Paragraph (1) of Section 29 of the Government Regulation 45/2014 (II.26.) (hereinafter referred to as: “Regulation”), Consumers are not entitled to rescind or denounce the given agreement upon Paragraph 20 of the Regulation with INTERSPUTNIK, as it refers to a leisure activity which shall be performed on a certain date (Date of the Event).


  1. The trademarks, logos, and other information and materials on the websites of INTERSPUTNIK, in online and offline media and featuring at the Events are the sole property of INTERSPUTNIK, its associates and its contracted partners. Visitors and third persons may not use, copy, distribute or publish such labels in any form for revenue generating purposes, without the express and prior written permission of INTERSPUTNIK, its associates and its contracted partners.
  2. Trademarks, logos, other information and material are subject to industrial property rights and copyrights, and the rights to these are held by INTERSPUTNIK, its associates and its contracted partners.
  3. INTERSPUTNIK shall acquire unrestricted and exclusive usage rights with regards to comments, remarks, proposals and ideas communicated to INTERSPUTNIK, its associates and contracted partners by Consumers in relation to the Events and in the course of the Events. INTERSPUTNIK shall gain exclusive ownership of all such remarks, and may not be restricted in using them in any way.

INTERSPUTNIK is entitled without restriction to make profit from, use, copy, publish, rework, make public, broadcast to the public and distribute such comments without having to provide any remuneration for doing so.

  1. The present GTC shall be effective on publication – 28 June, 2020 – and be valid until any change is published by INTERSPUTNIK on its webpage.
  2. The present GTC are governed by Hungarian Law. The competence of the conciliation panel includes the settlement outside judicial proceedings of disputes between the Consumer and the enterprise concerning the quality and security of the product, the application of the product warranty rules, the quality of the services and the conclusion and performance of the contract between the parties (hereinafter: consumer dispute); for that purpose, attempts to reach an agreement; in absence of agreement, the resolution of the case in order to assure the simple, fast efficient and inexpensive enforcement of consumers’ rights. On request of the consumer or the enterprise the conciliation panel gives advice concerning the rights and obligations of the Consumer or the Enterprise. The conciliation panel competent in the procedure is the panel of the domicile or the residence of the Consumer. The conciliation panel being competent based on the residence of INTERSPUTNIK is the Conciliation Panel of Budapest (Budapest Chamber of Commerce, 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99., Postal address: 1253 Budapest, Pf. 10., Phone nr.: +36 1 488 2131, Fax: +36 1 488 2186, E-mail: [email protected], Web: www.bekeltet.hu). The remaining disputed questions will exclusively be resolved by the court competent according to the registered seat of INTERSPUTNIK. The rules of the Vienna Convention on the international sale of goods shall not apply.
  3. When concluding and performing the contracts with the Consumer, INTERSPUTNIK respects all legal requirements without any reservations. There is no commercial code available – in the framework of market self regulation – with respect to the activities of INTERSPUTNIK in conformity with the Act on the Prohibition of Unfair Commercial Practices.
  4. If any stipulation of these GTC is recognized as invalid or ineffective by the competent court or as a result of changes in legal regulations, such recognition or action shall not make the other dispositions of these Terms invalid or ineffective. If the stipulations of these Terms of Cooperation are ultimately recognized as illegal or ineffective, these stipulations shall be recognized as excluded from the following Terms of Cooperation, however all other stipulations shall still be obligatory and effective, and the stipulations recognized as illegal or ineffective shall be replaced by stipulations of a similar meaning, reflecting the original intention of a given stipulation, within the scope permitted under the proper legislation.

Vis maior

  1. INTERSPUTNIK shall not be liable for the total or partial non‑performance of the obligations undertaken in the contract, if acts of God outside its influence arise. The concept of act of God includes all unforeseeable events independent of INTERSPUTNIK which happen after the conclusion of the contract, such as thunderstorm with lightning activity, war, riots, disasters, floods, traffic disruptions, strikes, epidemics and or any government actions resulting thereof.
  2. If the period concerned by of the act of God exceeds 5 days, INTERSPUTNIK and Consumer shall be entitled to immediately terminate the contract concerning the particular product, without the liability for damages arising from the termination of the contract due to the act of God. In the above case the Parties shall bear their damages themselves and the Consumer shall not be entitled for any restitution of any amounts already paid to or debited by INTERSPUTNIK.

Personal data protection

The code of INTERSPUTNIK for processing of personal data and the respective information material can be found on the webpage spartybooking.com/privacy-policy.

There are photos and videos taken at the event, which may also feature the guests. By entering, guests accept that they must not claim any rights to these footages.

XII.       Understanding the GTC

By signing the agreement with INTERSPUTNIK, Consumer shall declare that he/she has understood all provisions of the present English language GTC and expresses his/her consent to be bound by them.