Cinetrip – Summer Edition – 4 August

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

CINETRIP Budapest Summer Edition Szechenyi Baths

Have you been to the Hungarian capital during summertime for a city break? There is no stopping from the hottest season from arriving with a full hand luggage that you hardly can close. Don’t forget to pack your favorite bikini or swimsuit because there is one party that needs your special and undivided attention including your beachwear. Among the big festivals, cool downtown summer terraces and endless exciting programmes what Budapest can offer there is one party experience that stands above all. Cinetrip Summer Edition is here 4 August 2018 to shake up the city and give you the very best summer party feeling you will ever have.

Imagine a huge \’beach party\’ like feeling with fancy cocktails while floating in the pool with loud party music during the night. But leave the beach out and turn all this in your imagination into a 19-century bathhouse. How cool does it sound?

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Every year the SPArty team prepares a brand new show with:

  • mind blowing visual effects
  • 3D mapping by @bordos.artworks
  • live acts, fire jugglers, and amazing acrobats by@firebirdz team
  • and many fantastic more surprises

United by happy people from all around the world Cinetrip offers nothing but joy from 21:30 till 2 a.m at Széchenyi Baths.

Clubbers, music lovers, smart hedonists and all the colorful people are very welcome.   

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