Everything about Cinetrip

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!


Also Buzzfeed thinks that Cinetrip is a great way to spend the 30th of December! In a post, which gives tips to users on what to do in different European cities, one recommendation is Cinetrip in Budapest. The author really knows a thing or two about good programs, no doubt. 🙂

Let us cite it: \”The greatest transformation will be at Budapest’s best-loved thermal Bath, Széchenyi, where fire jugglers, acrobats and tumblers will entertain dancers in and around the hot hot pools, with mindboggling visual shows and special DJ sets of the semi-annual Cinetrip extravaganza.\”

You can read all of the tips here.

Although it is still months to go till the most enchanting Sparty of the summer arrives, we highly advise you to start fixing your summer holiday plans, since tickets are already available online. Visuals you\’ve never seen before – and probably will not for a while, with all the \”usual\” sparty-elements. 8th August, 2015, Szechenyi Bath, Budapest.

Cinetrip Winter Edition 2015

CINETRIP 08.08. – Follow the Night Light!

The brightest night in Budapest this summer will be 8th August, not astrologically, but light-artistically. The summer edition of Cinetrip: The Light is celebrating the Year of Light and Light-based Technologies with a futuristic projection and visuals – accompanied by wildly fitting music in Szechenyi Bath.