Sparty Handbook

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Sparty Handbook: What to Bring and What to Leave at Home or in the Hotel

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magical world of Sparty – where every Saturday night from 9:30 PM to 2:00 AM, the party takes place at the historic Széchenyi Baths. Before you embark on this memorable adventure, let’s talk about the essentials you should have with you, and what should stay at home.
Here is your Sparty guide!

Just the Essentials


The first rule of Sparty: keep it simple. Pack only what you would need for a typical bathing experience – swimwear, towel, flip-flops. Swim caps are not mandatory in our pools. Please leave valuables at home.

Electronic Payment


For your safety and convenience, we have introduced an electronic payment system called SpartyPay. Upon entry, you will receive a SpartyPay Card, which you can load with cash and use at the venue’s bars. The recommended initial loading amount is 20,000 HUF, which includes a 3,000 HUF card deposit. An ATM is available inside the bath, and there are two more cash machines across from the bath. So, you won’t have to spend the whole night without drinks.

By returning the card safely, we will refund any money left on it along with the deposit. Please note that SpartyPay Points do not accept bank cards. The balance of the SpartyPay Card is not transferable from one event to another, and refunds are only possible before the event closes, before Sparty shuts down. Requests for refunds after the event will not be considered.

What to Leave at Home?


Valuables: Bring only the most necessary items. Your jewelry, expensive watches, and other treasures will be safe at your accommodation.

Prohibited items: Anything that could endanger others or spoil the party mood. Think twice before packing fireworks or laser guns in your backpack.

Too much stuff: Don’t pack too much – comfort is key. The lighter you travel, the more you can enjoy the night.

Bank/Credit Card: Cash and the SpartyPay card will suffice for purchases. It’s safer to keep your bank card at your accommodation.

Important documents: Keep your passport or ID safe at your accommodation. The party is not the ideal place for important documents.

Expensive electronics: Sparty is not the best place for an expensive laptop or high-end smartphone. Leave it at home and enjoy the experience.

What to Absolutely Say No to?

Drugs: There is a total ban on narcotics. Always stay within the bounds of reason and the law.

High-value photo or video equipment: You’re welcome to take photos with amateur cameras, but leave the large, professional equipment at home.

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking: Moderation is key. Let the consumption of drinks and smoking be a pleasure, not a disaster.

Sparty is a nocturnal adventure, and this checklist will help you to fully experience every bubbly moment of the party. Now that you know the essentials, head to the Széchenyi Baths and prepare for a night to remember!