How to get easily to Szechenyi bath?

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

A fundamental and often occurring question: how to get to Szechenyi bath? During the warmer months our Sparties are held in the most extraordinary bath of Budapest, where you can enjoy your stay in various outdoors pools.
It is very easy to get there, because one of the stops of the metro line M1 is named after it and is right in front (or back) of it, but if you take other modes of transport, it is still very simple. So the first choice is the underground, line M1. You can take it at several familiar spots in town, like Deák square, where it meets 2 other lines, too.
It’s quite amusing to come by trolleybus, it is No. 72 and 75 that take you closest to the bath. Among the buses, the best choice is No.105, but you have to get off at Heros’ Square, which leaves you some space for walking.
We highly recommend you the Bubi rent-a-bike system, with which you can explore the whole city. The most obvious choice is, of course taxi. (Uber is not operating in Hungary). In rush hours the latter is less expensive in Budapest and although night transport is fairly good in Budapest, we recommend you to call an official taxi after the party.
Now you know how to get to Szechenyi bath so get your swimming suit and enjoy the party of your lifetime!