The best pool party in Budapest after COVID

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Do you fancy travelling? Sure. Do you like going out? Of course. Are you interested in trying out something new? Absolutely. And do you know already what will be your next destination? Well, we definitely do.

There are unmissable experiences in our lives. The year 2020 will also surely offer plenty of fabulous opportunities. Let us be one of them. SPArty is a unique and unrivalled happening. This is the best, actually, the one and only pool party in Budapest or even in Europe.

If you want to be part of the pool party addicted audience, check the dates on our website, purchase your entrance and air tickets well in advance and join the SPArty generation.

Our pool parties are organized every Saturday night, so it can be easily implemented into a weekend getaway to one of Europe’s favorite destinations. Budapest is a great city with many fantastic programs, bars and sights; even before and after the SPArty you’ll have lots of fun.

So do you know already your next destination? We hope your answer is: Unquestionably!

Where to go to a nighttime pool party in Budapest?

We all know that Budapest is very rich in thermal sources and there are many thermal baths in the city. Even among the best selling photos about the Hungarian capital you’ll find some showing old men playing chess while sitting in a pool filled with hot water. It is absolutely normal if you think that – well, it seems boring.

However, the Széchenyi Baths once a week turns into the hottest and coolest discotheque of Budapest. The SPArty is held every Saturday evening at the largest thermal complex of the city. The outdoor pools are filled with dancing people in swimsuits. The walls are decorated with colorful and state-of-the-art video projections. The atmosphere is charged with trendy party music.

For further information check our website and don’t forget to buy your entrance ticket well in advance. SPArty is the only nighttime pool party in Budapest and is getting more and more popular each year.