Water Quality at SPArties

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Some people are concerned about the quality of water at SPArties, so we asked the operators of Lukacs bath to tell us what procedure they use to keep the water clean. The same applies to the water of Széchenyi Bath as well, the other venue for SPArties, so it is worth to keep these information in mind. In short: they are taking more precautions for clean water than the EU regulations require.

If you are interested in the details, read on: The operation of the bath, including the pools, and even the extent of clean water is regulated by law. The water is changed in one and a half hours\’ time, and 40 per cent of the new supply is clean water. The pool has a rotating filter system, which cleans the water of the pools with the addition of chemicals. The water is disinfected with chlorine, according to prescribed dosages, it is unharmful for health, and has virus- and bacteria-killing effects. At the time of SPArties the amount of chemicals is raised so that it is still within the EU-standard.

The regulation prescribes the emptying of pools with rotating-filtering system every 6 months, however here they are emptied every 2-3 weeks, since the bath has its own hot water springs, which are flowing wells, from which water needs to be retrieved continuously, otherwise they would dry out. Therefore, it is not a problem to empty the pools very regularly, nor to supply fresh clean water, nor even to provide as much water during operation as is needed to change the whole pool in one and a half hours.

Other surfaces are also cleaned by the cleaning team, who are continuously and diligently degreasing and disinfecting all spaces. Even before the party, the places are cleaned and disinfected after the daytime visitors, and the Sparty begins only afterwards. After the party, the bath is prepared for reopening in the same fashion.

Hopefully these details help dispel your doubts and you will have fun without any concerns. Be prepared for the best party of your life!