Best party ever at Sparty

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Best party ever at Sparty

2019 – Spend the first weekend of April in the Hungarian capital, and you know where to go Saturday night, don’t you. Hot healing spring water in Szechenyi Bath, enchanted by music and lights, and the Easter night sky at Sparty, from 10:30PM.

Hot Spell in Hungary

Can\’t wait for the summer to arrive? You don\’t need to. Spring over to Budapest, where sizzling Sparties are heating up the atmosphere with music and visuals – in and around the outdoors thermal experience pools of Szechenyi Bath. Dive into the summer with us.

A Programme You\’ve been waiting for…

You have a free weekend, want to hop over to another country for a cool experience, but have no idea where to? Well, here\’s a special programme you\’ll find hard to resist: Sparties are held every Saturday in Budapest, Szechenyi Bath. With DJs, bars, cool visuals and hot hot thermal pools. Pick the weekend, and stat to booking.

IndiSPensible SParts of Budapest

Our June 27th Sparty will play a special role in the Budapest Essentials event series! We will be the underwater international spot in the middle of City Park. DJs, bars, groovy visuals 2 hot pools – with above and underwater currents! Experience the essentials of Budapest the world-wide-wet-way!

SPAturdays in Budapest

Sparkling summer Sparties, with DJs, shooting stars every Saturday in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest. 37 degrees Celsius hot thermal experience pools under the starry sky, with a tribe of pool dancers from all over the planet. Join this unique fun at:

No More Gloomy Sundays!

After a Saturday night spent at Sparty in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest how could your day after be cheerless, like the weather? Intense summer experience in and around the hot experience pools (and the bars). Snappy beats, sparkling visuals, and a zippy crowd.

Hidden Liquid Treasures in Budapest – every Saturday

Looking for an event in the Hungarian capital that not even many locals know of, let alone can imagine? Your place is at Szechenyi Bath, in City Park, any Saturday from 10:30pm. Sparties are a splashing and healthy form of having fun – dancing and floating in the thermal pools, while you are being massaged with underwater beams.

Splendid autumn night in the hot bath

Splendid autumn night in the hot bath. However cold it is in the evening, you can easily get hot in the outdoors thermal experience pools of Lukács Bath, Budapest. DJs, amazing visuals and unique vibes.