\”INSPARATIONAL SHORTS\” – SPArty video script idea contest

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!



Win 500 euro as the author of the best Sparty Script Idea depicting the essence of Budapest\’s Bath Parties.


You\’ve been to Sparties, and you\’ve seen and imagined so many cool things there, while dancing in and around the hot pools…     While sipping on your cocktail watching the amazing scenery… While bouncing to dreamy electronic beats…


NOW is the time to show it to us – and the world. No, not as a complete, moving vision, just the very convincing description of it.  Capture your brilliant ideas:

– for a promotional video of 30 to 60 seconds

– in writing

– in no more than 1500 characters,

and be the best one is to win the 500 EURO cash prize.


Of course there are some more guidelines and help coming below. You should formulate your vision to enchant your ideal future  fellow Sparty-goers.


– target audience: 25-35 years old

– target country: international

– audience profile: fans of electronic music, who have a passion for extraordinary, outstanding and exciting events. They are on the  lookout for dynamic, modern and new forms of entertainment. They love to travel, and  have expectations about quality! And last but  not least are excited about visiting Budapest.


 What we are NOT expecting

– complete screenplay/script/storyboard (REMEMBER: just the description of your idea)

– violence

– nudity

– direct sexuality


 Conditions and Restricitons

– since Sparties are for 18+, you definitely need to be 18 or over

– one person can hand in a MAXIMUM of 3 applications


How to enter the contest

– send your contest entry by email with the subject: \”INSPARATIONAL SHORTS\” to creative@cinetrip.hu


Deadline: 15th February 2016

Jury: Sparty-organiser team

Winner is announced: 20th March, 2016


Start collecting your great sparty-moments and grab your keyboard soon!


Meanwhile, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for insparations. 🙂


Full rules are to be found here.