Visiting Budapest is always a good idea

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

This city is such a great place! But if you need an excuse for a visit, why don\’t you select one of Sparty bath parties, and bring along your loved one, too? It does not matter if it\’s freezing, there are plenty of fun daytime activities, and in the evening you can dip in the hot hot pools of Széchenyi Bath to float and swing to the music. And right after midnight you can say the secret words in a uniquely romantic setting… So the evening is clear.

How about the daytime? If you are into outdoors fun, you can slide along Hero\’s Square at the frozen lake transformed ice rink. Or go for an excursion in the winter magic woods up Normafa, to have a marvellous view over the whole city. If you are more inclined for warm and cozy spaces, you may pop into works of Hungarian and international geniuses at museums on a wide spectrum from traditional to hyperreal. You may find a choice of fun things at this Buzzfeed link. Less than a month to go, so maybe you should check airline offers soon!

Why should you visit Budapest?

Budapest is a magical city. It is worth a visit summer- and wintertime as well. How to spend a perfect day in the city?

No matter if you are a coffee-addict or a cereal-fan, you should start with visiting one of the famous cafés of Budapest such as Szamos, Gerbaud or August. Have a cup of coffee, eat a slice of cake and you’ll feel better already. Filled up, go and get on the famous funicular and visit the oldest part of the city, the Buda Castle district. Enjoy the stunning views, wander around on the narrow cobble stoned streets. If you are interested in history don’t miss the Hospital in the Rock. After descending from the hill cross the famous Chain Bridge and go straight to the popular Jewish district. This area is packed with great bars, bistros and restaurants. Perfect choice for lunch!

In the afternoon the number 1 program is trying one of the world-wide reputed escape rooms of Budapest. If you didn’t get locked forever, nothing stops you from taking a ride on the Budapest Eye and enjoying the sunset over the city.

And once the Sun has disappeared on the horizon and you feel the rhythm in your body, get on the oldest subway of the continent and go directly to Széchenyi Spa to experience the ultimate and unique party fashion, the SPArty. For dates and Early Bird discounts check here.