Budapest in autumn? A beautiful city of colors

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Do you want to know what to do in Budapest in autumn? Here are some ideas for you so you can make the best out of your holiday.

Budapest is beautiful in every season but visiting the Hungarian capital in autumn is a superb idea cause this is the time of the year when you can see how many faces this beautiful city has. Autumn is often quite mild in Budapest, but basically warm and chilly days follow each other in turn, so the weather can be rather unpredictable. Bearing this in mind, it is better to be prepared for both extremes, not only with regards to clothing but also programmes.

If the weather is nice, it is worth walking up and around the Buda Castle. If you happen to get tired, you can choose from a number of quality restaurants in the neighbourhood. Another good choice for sunny days is a bike ride around the City, or check out Margaret Island – where you can find the 5th most beautiful running track in the world, so if you prefer to spend your holidays with active recreation, get down there to do some sports. You\’ll love it, but get prepared, you will not be alone in this.

If the weather is less appealing, find you way to the city\’s markets. The one on Vámház körút is great, you can buy typical Hungarian spices and ingredients, but yes, we are talking about ingredients – buy stuff here only if you are going to or planning to cook. If you wanted to have a nice Hungarian meal, go to the market on Hold utca. Here they are selling the meals of the best restaurants and chefs, except in a more simple version.

Otherwise, there are a lot of nice restaurants in town, if it is raining, simply check them out. In the evening you may sit in a cocktail bar – try to forget the ruinbars for a while, Budapest has more in store for you than them.

And naturally, on Saturdays head for SPArty! In October still in Szechenyi Bath, then from November on back to Lukacs Bath. Come on, get ready!