An extremely funny video about Sparty rules

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Finally it\’s here what everyone has been waiting for! Our video about Sparty rules has arrived!

We are constantly receiving enquiries and feedback through different channels from our guests, before the party about Sparty rules and concerns and after the party about their experiences. The questions are often similar, like about lockers, towels, showers and safety, so we decided to show you, with the help of our experts what you should pay attention to at Sparties. If you take our pieces of advice in the video, the night will be extraordinary not only for you, but all other guests, too!


The beginning of the video is about clothing. It seems utterly simple: for a bath-party, you need swim gear, and that’s it. Oh, we wish that was the case. In our experience, anything goes for a swim gear that you can dip in the water – at least some of our guests seem to think so. That’s why we show you what we mean by suitable swim gear, and what you can expect if you leave your towel at home, for instance.


But how about the venue? Where to find what? How to open the lockers? Don\’t be afraid, you\’ll get all the answers to these questions in this extremely funny video.


OK, so you are standing in your fantastic and civilised bath ensemble in the hallway. Where to go? What to do? Do you think you are ready to grab drinks? Halt for a minute and learn something important about hygiene. (We’ve already written about the water quality at Sparties, so that you do not have to search for it, and if anyone is coming up with the topic, just silence them with this). It\’s not really a Sparty rule but something that is good to keep in mind.


At the end of the video our professor and his assistant treat the dumbest behavioral deficiencies. If you take their advice into consideration, you can easily avoid being embarassing, or getting your friends into inconvenient situations. And anyway: would you like to get a date or not? We’ve prepared some advice on safety, too, so that you arrive home safe and sound.

Watch the video about Sparty rules, make notes, watch it again and if you know all of it by heart, we are expecting you at the GREATEST PARTY OF YOUR LIFE!