Back to Lukacs Baths

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!



With the seasons changing we have moved back to Lukacs Bath which is one of the oldest bath houses in Budapest. The Romans already used the hot springs in the area for their benefit. If you go there during the day for a swim, you can buy spring water for consumption, which is a treatment for various illnesses and conditions.

The enchantment starts right in the garden, passing illuminated trees and the elegant building. Imagine a hidden palace! Then you arrive right in the middle of the party already ON in the hall.

\"lukacsApart from the live music played by one of our top Hungarian SPArty DJs, the awesome visuals of the building projection take you to a magical spa wonderland. If this wouldn’t be enough there are fascinating performances for your amazement all through the night. Fire jugglers, aerialists and LED dancers swap places in various dimensions of the bathhouse.

The SPArty space is more compact at Lukács Baths with cosy and intimate spaces. After you have changed your clothes a hot thermal pool of 38 C degrees is waiting for you. The best secret for the Sparty-night: there is a hidden door to the pool right from the building. You can reach the Sparty bar easily to enjoy the freshest cocktails and drinks at a chill area.

Sparties are held in Lukacs Baths in November 2017 before the magnificent Cinetrip Winter Edition is back in Széchenyi Bath 30th of December. After a short winter break we will start the season in February in Lukács Baths again. Get your clicking finger prepared for reserving your tickets! We would suggest you tickets with extra services to save on your travel budget. We offer a cash-free system to protect your money called  SPArty Pay.