How to pay at Sparty

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Are you prepared for the party of your lifetime but have no idea how to pay at Sparty? Many of you inquire about the method of payment at our bath parties. We\’ve collected all the necessary information about our paying method for you.

How to purchase tickets

The easiest and most comfortable way to buy your ticket is online, of course, but if you do not manage for some reason, you can try to get hold of it at the entrance, when the gates open, at 10:30PM. At the entrance you can pay by cash or by card, it\’s all the same.

How to pay at Sparty

However, inside the venue you can only pay for your drinks and any other cool stuff like Sparty flip-flops, towels or hooded bathrobes by the so called Sparty Pay Card. Essentially, you have to put a certain amount of money on it at the beginning, and during the night you just have to show it and place it to the card-reader. In case your money runs out off the card, you can up it again.

And if there is money left on it by the end of the event, you can reclaim it on the spot. Beware, your last chance is at the end of the event, next day or later would be too late! It is as simple as that! However, you should also pay attention to your waterproof card that comes in a case, there is a charge in case you lose it. Well, enough said, let\’s go spaaartyyyy!