The Guardian visited our Sparty!

Experience the Budapest bath culture to the fullest!

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, a journalist from the prestigious British paper, The Guardian visited Sparty! She hopped over to Budapest for a brief weekend-trip to check out our beloved city. Once in town, she naturally looked around, and selected from the menus of some nice restaurants, and had fun.

She did a little research on the origin of Sparties:

\”Sparties combine well-known DJs playing electro, trip-hop, hip-hop, funk and trance with light, video and laser visual effects and unlimited alcohol. And thanks to founder Laszlo Laki, whose company Cinetrip began specialising in nightclub silent film projections shortly after the fall of communism, they have been running for almost 20 years.\”

She managed to clear a few misunderstandings about Sparties, too, like the possibility of too many boys or unwanted familiarity, which really delighted us. However, the writer\’s conclusion is that she is too old for it, but you aren\’t, are you. Give it a try, especially as the weather is supposed to get better and better!

Anyway, Rhiannon, thank you very much for coming, you are always welcome!