This is the one and only bath party in the world.

The first Sparty was organised in 1994 in Szechenyi Bath, however, in the beginning it was for the entertainment of a bigger group of friends and our own. The occasional events that at first were kind of house parties, spiced up with movie screenings and bathing soon overgrew their own boundaries. Ever since, we’ve organised regular night bathing parties in Rudas Bath from 1998, then occasionally in Gellért, Király and Lukács Baths.

Sparty event series has been running for more than twenty-two years and now it is one of the most frequented events of the Hungarian capital with 50-55 thousand visitors annually (from 165 different countries). Sparties are held almost all weekends of the year in Szechenyi Bath, however, there are two occasions each year to take part in the outstanding musical and visual experience of Cinetrip Sparties.

Apart from reforming our thousand years old bathing culture, our aim with the combination of Hungarian bathing and party-culture is to create a unique musical and visual world for our guest that they cannot find anywhere else in the world.

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