Sparty is the one and only bath party. If you came for the Budapest nightlife, we believe it’s the best thing to do in Budapest. Come to Széchenyi Bath and see this spa party for yourself!

The story of Sparty starts in 1994, when a group of friends decided to bring together two things they love: the ancient bath culture of Budapest, and modern electronic dance music. This is the place where magic happens every Saturday.

Adventurers from all around the world gather at the one and only bath party, and spend the best night of their life in the legendary Széchenyi Bath. So don’t say that we haven’t warned you: it’s going to be a party you will never forget.

Every Saturday

From February to December, Sparty opens its doors weekly to host everyone who’s up for some spa fun to today’s best electronic dance music.

Sparty Special - The CINETRIP events

Cinetrip is a Sparty Special organized bi-annually. The bath and the party is guaranteed, just like at the regular events, but brace yourself for a visual you will never forget and even more entertainment.

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