When can I contact customer service?

Send us an email at [email protected] whenever you want and we will respond as soon as possible.

What a Duo ticket is? If two of us is coming shall we buy a Duo ticket? How many tickets do we need to book?

A Duo ticket is for two persons. Both of you are entitled for entry and all other things (gifts, some drinks, etc.) included in the respective Duo ticket price. For two people please book one pc of Duo Tickets. In case of a small group of four people, please add 2 pc of Duo tickets to your cart.

What a Trio ticket is?

A Trio ticket is for 3 persons. All three of you are entitled for entry and all other things (gifts, some drinks, etc.) included in the respective Trio ticket price. For three people please book one pc of Trio Tickets. If 6 people is coming please add 2 Trio tickets to your cart.

On Saturdays when do online tickets sale end for the actual event?

Online tickets are available to book until 8 PM, if you just run out of time don’t be sad there are always some tickets for purchase on the door.

Are regular daytime spa services (sauna, massage) available during the party?

Tickets include acces to some form of lockable changing facility and the pools. We offer you an awsome venue, the funnest nights out in Budapest and as much fun as possible.

What is the last time to enter the SPARTY?

All our events start at 10:30 PM and end at 03:00 AM. Please make sure you get there before 02:00 AM. Even with a valid ticket we will not be able to let you in later than that.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

Tickets on the door are limited in quantity (especially in the summer months). If you are planning to come to SPArty we suggest you to book yours in advance to make sure you get in.

How much do on-site tickets cost?

Onsite tickets cost 20000 HUF, each ticket includes access to an individual locker to leave your belongings.

Can I pay by credit card?

Credit cards are only accepted at the cashier to buy tickets on the spot.

How do I pay for drinks at the party?

We introduced the so called SPARTY PAY CARD which is our currency for drinks. Drink cards can be topped up at TOP UP POINTS.  Initial top up: 10.000 HUF (includes 3000 HUF deposit). Please NOTE: balance is NOT TRANSFERABLE from event to event, and you only get the sum back on the spot, until the SPARTY is closed.
Click here to learn more about SPARTY PAY CARD.

Is there any ATM machines at the Baths?

Yes, you can find ATMs both at Szechenyi Baths and Lukacs Baths

Where can I keep my clothes and where can I change?

Tickets include access to lockable changing facilities free of charge. The usual daytime cubicles, male and female lockers of the baths are available during the events.
Please also see SPARTY users’ guide to cabins and SPARTY Users’ guide to lockers

Could you explain what’s the difference between a cabin and a locker?

A cabin/cubicle is a small, lockable private change room. You can get changed there and can leave your belongings during the event. Lockers are like a small lockable cupboard or compartment, typically as one of a number placed together for public use where you can keep your stuffs safely.

(*)What can I do, if I bought my ticket and do not want to go to the party?

Tickets are non-refundable.

I have a medical emergency, and do not have an insurance on my own. Can you help?

Indeed, tickets include insurance below 2,2 % blood alcohol level. Your health is the most important to us. We have a professional medical team who are trained to perform first aid.



Where can I buy tickets online?
At our official site: www.spartybooking.com

What do I need for purchasing online tickets?

A bank account valid for Internet bank transfers and printing capabilities (we ask you to bring the voucher in printed form). If you don’t have a printed version, you still can show your ticket on your phone, but a printed ticket is the preferred way to get in.

Paid for a ticket, received an emailed invoice but never the ticket

Some tickets end up in junk/spam folders – (please check.  Accidentally you may have mistyped the email address. Please contact us on [email protected]  with your order number in the subject line and provide essential information in your email for us to be able to help you the best possible way. We will check your transaction record and resend the ticket(s).

What does the following message mean: ’Pillanatnyilag a banki rendszer nem elérhető, kérjük ismételje meg tranzakcióját később’ ?

This message refers to a temporary system error on the side of the bank. It means that the system is unavailable at the very moment. Please try it later, we will also check it with our bank.

File which contains the e-ticket is not opening

Please send us your order number, we will resend the tickets.

I made a mistake in the email address therefore I have not received the confirmation email

Please send us your full name, the type of tickets you booked. We will check it in our system and get back to you.

How to avoid double payments

Please wait till the very end of the purchasing process. Do not close any panels and do not refresh your browser.

It is important that during the SmartBank payment transaction do not close the page. Following successful payment transaction you will be returned to the website.



If you have any problems with buying the online tickets, please feel free to contact us.

We are also very happy to receive your feedback and suggestions. All emails are personally read and replied by our Customer Service Staff. Please send your emails to [email protected]