1. The official currency at Sparty events is the SpartyPAY card.
  2. The balance of the cards can be topped up at SPARTYPAYPOINTS with the amount desired. At first with a minimum of 8000HUF. There is a DEPOSIT of 2000 HuF for each card + string.
  3. You can pay with the spartyPAY card at all the bars. After ordering please check the amount displayed on the screen of the card reader, and if correct, just put your card to the reader. Your balance may be checked at any of the bars and SPARTYPAYpoints.
  4. Feel free to use the card as a safe. Keep the card on you at all time. The remaining balance can be reimbursed in cash at SpartypayPoints during the event. The balance is not transferable from event to event. You can get your refund at the closing the event the latest. Refund requests after the event cannot be considered.