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Fabulous Year-ending Bath Party in Szechenyi Bath

Jan 26, 2017 /

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The excitement of the New Year cannot sweep away the memories of the feverish, full-house Cinetrip night, the last bath party in Szechenyi Bath on 30th December 2016.   Budapest has been well known around the world for its bath culture and elegant bath houses going back several centuries, many of which were built in […]

An extremely funny video about Sparty rules

Oct 20, 2016 /

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Finally it’s here what everyone has been waiting for! Our video about Sparty rules has arrived! We are constantly receiving enquiries and feedback through different channels from our guests, before the party about Sparty rules and concerns and after the party about their experiences. The questions are often similar, like about lockers, towels, showers and […]